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History Unfinished. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

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To create is to learn
And to learn makes
the past relevant today
and tomorrow.

Who were the women champions? What did they do?

What were the issues of the day? What were the problems that were overcome? How are those problems and issues framed today?

History Unfinished. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

The Ambition

The Women’s History Project’s ambition is to advance women’s equality by promoting the role, achievements and contributions of women in Canadian history. Working with partner organizations, we will provide opportunities for discovering women's history through conversations, discussions, storytelling, multimedia productions and art. 


From the pre- and post-colonial period, settlement, waves of immigration, great wars, economic equality and social movements, women have been active both behind the scenes and as local and national leaders.

The Hon. Monique Begin

The late Honourable
Monique Begin

Former Executive Secretary 
Royal Commission on the Status of Women
Minister of Health and Welfare,

It was the women’s movement in the sixties that forced the government to create the Royal Commission on the Status of Women. Substantial progress has been made since then. But not all women have been made to feel included and there is still so much to do. Learning about the past is good and mobilizing more people to make changes today even better.

Giovanna Mingarelli

Giovanna Mingarelli 
Award-winning entrepreneur
Chair, Global Dignity Canada

Women are critical to the health of the Canadian economy. Their inclusion in senior leadership roles leads to greater health and profitability for businesses, communities and families. The Women's History Project will showcase women who have been successful in shaping the Canadian business landscape to inspire, mobilize and provide a path forward for the trailblazers of tomorrow.

The Hon. Nancy Ruth

The Honourable Nancy Ruth
Former Senator
Nancy’s Very Own Foundation

Storytellers are essential agents of change.  Stories of equality, and inequality, raise questions, and make clear the need for action. The Women’s History Project is all about telling stories, and that is why I became one of its early supporters.
The Women’s History Project showcases the stories of feminists - their challenges and their achievements.  It mobilizes visual content, through conventional and digital means, to explore the women’s movement.
Most importantly, its Production Fund will support a program to engage and mentor young people, young women. They will learn techniques to tell their own stories and those of others:  old stories, new stories, and revealing dimensions of familiar stories. 
Storytelling, as advocacy, will receive powerful support from The Women’s History Project, and mobilize our next generations of women’s advocates.

The Rt. Hon. Kim Cambell

The Right Honourable
Kim Campbell
Former Prime Minister of Canada

Women have been advocating for social justice and change for generations dating back hundreds of years. Their voices have largely remained silent, and their faces faded against those men who write about great victories. 

Today we need to change that narrative and remind women and allies that we are here because a great many women led the charge, led change and led the campaigns for women’s equality. They led the campaigns in education, industry, public life and human rights. The Women’s History Project will allow us to hear voices and see their faces again and again.

Feminist Slogan

About Us

Launched in 2021, The Women’s History Project is a not-for-profit organization focused on public education through an events program and development of Women’s History productions. 


We believe that by knowing our shared history, women in Canada can be better advocates today and change-makers for tomorrow. By using an inclusive, intersectional, and inter-generational feminist perspective, we create experiences across various platforms to make history relevant.


We have partnered with the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) who provides charitable receipts for donations earmarked for The Women’s History Project.

Events Program

There are many great women whose campaigns, achievements and contributions have led to substantial change in Canadian history. Their stories need repeating!
The Women's History Project wants to shine a light on those stories of past changemakers in a modern way, capturing the hearts of those new to history and the equality movement and honouring the women who came before us.


The Women’s History Project, with partners, will stage four virtual events annually based on five themes. 

Women and health

Women and the economy

Women in the media and public life

Women and social justice

Canadian women in the world

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We need to revisit history through a more inclusive and intersectional feminist lens.

There are a thousand voices that need to be heard and a thousand stories that need to be told!

Production Fund

To be launched in 2025-2026, the Women’s History Production Fund will offer grants that support meaningful and worthy projects annually

Institute a formal governance framework with a volunteer advisory board from industry, universities and feminist organizations

Propose a formal application process based on established criteria overseen by a jury 

Establish guidelines on copyright, licensing and merchandising

Camera Operator and Camera
Woman in front of Camera

Unique to The Women’s History Project. No other women’s group focuses on video production directly related to women’s contributions to history.

Woman Taking Picture with Camera

Starting with our first video podcast series, 1000 Voices, 1000 Stories, we will be creating  a variety of productions - different formats, lengths and based around our key themes 

The business plan calls for partnerships with schools, colleges and universities, and youth serving agencies working with them to produce and showcase the videos created

A curated collection of video content will be available on multiple digital channels and distributed to schools and community museums

Events hosted by The Women's History Project are free. However, donations would be most welcome. Your continued support will ensure that we can continue with our annual program.

Click below for more information on how you can support us and receive tax receipts.


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Event Partners


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